Humans: Pose


Behave, boy!

Red Sonja

Waiting for better days

Caribbean Beauty

Adilson, proud painter

Kirsty, Belgian Babe

Civil servant says Hi

Party's over

Purple China


Kiss 2


Stepmom was a hippie

The elephant in the room

Henri, devil in disguise

Renn, Dear

I am woman

Throwback to the Seventies: playing with the Deska Merlin game-computer

VR Solo Love

Mary had a sister


Eastern Promises

Kirsty, Cover Girl

Stephane, Versatile man

Beauty Queen, studio, mostly lowkey


En garde, Ronin



Cold winter sun

Kirsty, Grid Girl

La India

Henri & Jim

Presenting arms

La Mexicana

Portrait of a young man


Dana Lye, boudoir style

Ready for a badtime story?

Laos, Girls Gang - Extract from series "Impressions indo-chinoises"

The fighter, Havana Vieja


Absolute pleasure

Ricefarmers, Vietnam, Nha Thrang region. Extract from series "Impressions indo-chinoises"

Sweet sixteen

Getting ready for Valentine

Laos, Girl looking out of the window - Extract from series "Impressions indo-chinoises"

Dirty Riton, aka Mr. Pneux

In the name of

Portraits of a(n older) Lady

Extract from the series "Eve's Temptation"

Little secrets, purple strech, almost no light

Boyz in da Hood, Havana chapter.

Beautiful Boy, Studio on a remote location

Rocco, the bouncer

Quinceañera desconocida, El Cobre, Santiago

If you don't look at her, she will...

Better don't mess with him...

Mila Forte, dressed portraits

Mr Henri à la plage

Preparing for the fight

Boy's moods: Tough & Romantic

Tropical Shoot, the beauty and the beast


Lilia, session extracts

A day at the beach

Enhanced reality: pasted some neons

The great outdoors, tropical scenery

Vampire, caught with IR, Long exposure

Shadowplay, taupe background

Hair, woven

Straight view, Low key

Close, black background

Como me gusta mi puro...

Me voy ... heavily effected

White background, inked

Black victory

Wallflower, cosmetic filter

High key, seated

Model, Black background, standing

Two Queens, One Kingdom...


Papi y hija

Couple, effected

LOVE, effected

Love, pure